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Higher than normal temperatures Thursday

By Jennifer Peryam - jperyam@h-ponline.com

Temperatures Thursday reached a record high of 60 degrees in Huntington with a mixture of sleet, snow and ice right on its heels.

Geoffrey Heidelberger, National Weather Service meteorologist, said the high Thursday was 60 and the low was 30 in Huntington.

He attributed Thursday’s high to a strong south westerly wind that is bringing in warmer and moist air from the south. 

Residents enjoyed the 60 degree temperatures Thursday afternoon walking in Memorial Park and elsewhere in Huntington, but today’s predicted high is 30 with a low of 12.

“Rain will occur Thursday night with freezing rain and snow into Friday morning,” Heidelberger said.

Heidelberger said there should be 1 to 2 inches of snowfall in Huntington Friday morning.

“The biggest concern is snow and sleet on the roadways especially on the Friday morning commute,” he said.

He advised people to leave early and drive slowly as well as leave distance between other drivers.

Bob Jeffers, Huntington County Emergency Management Agency director, said the county has ordered extra salt for the roads and potato juice to mix with the salt that will work in lower temperatures.

“The potato juice and salt mixture works down to zero and normal salt works to 12 degrees,” Jeffers said.

He said the solution will help speed up the melting process.

Saturday’s temperature will be a high of 20, low of 8; Sunday is predicted to be a high of 20 and low of 12; Monday a high of 20 and low of 8; Tuesday a high of 18, low of 5; and Wednesday a high of 19 and low of 7.

Snow is not expected this weekend or next week, according to Heidelberger.

People can visit Huntington County Homeland Security Facebook page for weather and road condition updates.