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Essential skills provides support for children with disabilities

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: A third-grader at Horace Mann Elementary counts money as part of the Essential Skills program HCCSC provides.


Essential Skills is a K-12 program for students with significant disabilities in which the General Education or Resource classroom do not provide enough support.

The focus is on teaching life skills and academics that support those abilities. The Essential Skills classrooms are smaller allowing for the student-to-teacher ratio of 1:3 or 1:4.

Students focus on many important life skills such as reading, counting money, cooking, and folding laundry – just to name a few. Community-based instruction with real-world application such as ordering at restaurants, shopping, etc. are also taught to help these students become independent adults.

The Essential Skills programs are offered at Horace Mann, Crestview, and Huntington North.

“Our Essential skills program is a vital part of Horace Mann. We wanted to take the opportunity to recognize all of the hard work that the teachers and students do on a daily basis and the positive contributions they make to our school culture” stated Principal Chris Baut.