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Sock Soaker 2019

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HIGH: A man climbs a rope during the individuals race, as other racers close in behind him.
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WINNER: Individual race winner Bronson Ball slides down the final obstacle, a waterslide into an inflatable pool, toward the finish line. Ball won the race with a time just over 30 minutes.
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ROCK: Caden Crider rocks back and forth down the parallel bars while his friend Kolten Prus, 8, prepares to go next.Prus decided to turn the race into his birthday party, sincehis birthday is this month.
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CLIMB: Michelle Prus and her 5-year-old son Keagan climb over an obstacle during the Sock Socker 2019 race.
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START: Racers who signed up for the individual event start the race at 9 a.m. Saturday. The group event had more than 80 participants, starting at 10 a.m., once temperatures warmed up to around 60 degrees.

by Andrew Maciejewski - amaciejewski@h-ponline.com

More than a 100 people braved the nearly 50-degree weather Saturday morning to get their socks wet – and in some cases, their entire body – to test their fitness. 

Racers started at Our Sunday Visitor before they made their way to Lake Clare Fitness Park where they faced their first challenge. 

In the individual race, each racer made an attempt at the north side of the course, including monkey bars,  parallel bars, climbing obstaces, a forearm buster and rope climb before moving onto numerous obstacles out in the flooded field.

The racers splashed their way down a slip and slide by the old campground before moving back into the flooded field to push a sled and make their way back to the fitness park. The racers then did the south-side obstaces, like multiple wall climbs, a cargo net, an up-and-under course along with more monkey-bar-type obstaces, before they immediately made their way to the south end of the lake. 

Even though it was only 47 degrees according to the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana, the racers got a little wet as they completed obstacles in the lake before making their way to the finish line – a 15-foot-tall waterslide with an inflatable pool at the end. 

After the grueling workout, many of the racers opted to take a full-body dip in the pool, like individual race winner Bronson Ball. 

“It felt pretty good actually after that long run,” Ball said. 

He said this was his first obstacle race he’s ever done, but he hopes to do one of the larger ones like the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race. He said this is good training, especially since he plans to join the Navy. 

“I want to be a seal,” he said. 

Overall, he said the race was fun and challenging, especially in the beginning. He said the obstacles are a good way to break up the run. 

“Plus, I like it like (having obstacles) because you work more muscle groups like that,” Ball said. 

Eight-year-old Kolten Prus invited his family and friends to complete the race as part of his birthday celebration. He and his fellow racers, except for his little brother Keagan, have all done 5-K races, but this was Prus’ first time having obstacles in the way. 

He said he wanted to do the race because he was looking forward to getting wet and muddy. 

This was Keagan’s first race, but it likely won’t be his last, since his mother said the group had participated in Fort For Fitness and inflatable runs in the past. 

Michelle Prus said the obstacles help break up the run and force each participant to push themselves. 

“Each one is different,” Michelle Prus said. “It’s just exciting to get up to each one and see if you can do it or not.”

In order to finish the race, each runner had to take their shoes off before making their way down the waterslide, making sure each racer lived up to the name of the event.