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A night of dinos and dancing

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DANCE: Elizabeth Moore spins her 3-year-old son Dawson around as they dance during the Mother-Son Extravaganza.See more photos of the event on Page A7.
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DINOS: The Tyrannosaurus Rex made its way around the dance floor dancing and giving out high fives to children. The event drew nearly 300 participants this year, and while dancing wasn’t the main attraction, many mothers and their sons took part in conga lines and dance-off competitions.

by Andrew Maciejewski - amaciejewski@h-ponline.com

As the night progressed, the dance floor was crowded with young boys and their mother’s dressed in matching dinosaur attire.

Some took turns dancing with the Tyrannosaurus Rex that made its rounds across Heritage Hall at the Huntington County Fairgrounds, and other younger children hid behind their mothers as the star guest of the night, with his scaled skin and short arms, went around passing out high fives, dancing amidst the chaos of the dinosaur-themed night.

The boys got to be junior paleontologists as they dug through sand to find dinosaur bones, and the jurasic bounce house line wrapped around the perimeter. The lego table was packed throughout the night, and mother’s made crafts with their sons, taking home multi-colored dinosaur drawings to remember the night.

Nearly 300 mother’s got to spend more than two hours of uninterrupted time with their sons at the Huntington Parks Department’s Mother-Son Extravaganza this year, and Elizabeth Moore couldn’t be happier to get an opportunity like that with her 3-year-old son Dawson.

“My little guy, he’s just my everything,” Moore said. “It means the world to me to spend time with him.”

They spent a good amount of time spinning around on the dancefloor together with her son’s smile peeking from behind his hands, something Moore said he does because he is relatively shy still.

“As little as he is, I like to get him out to do more things,” Moore said. “He’s very shy, so he doesn’t really get to get out very much. Obviously, he’s very timid. He can’t get his hands out of his mouth. He’s nervous with everything, so I try to get him out as much as I can to encourage him to open up a bit.”

She’s really glad that the City puts this on every year since they’ve been doing father-daughter events for a while, which drew nearly 900 participants this year as well, because she said it’s the perfect excuse to spend quality time with Dawson.

“I work a lot, so I like to do everything I can when I have the time. My weekends that I don’t work, we do lots of stuff, don’t we,” she asked him, and he replied with a nod.

At home, they play with trains together and have the occasional dance party, which showed since the pair remained on the dance floor for a good portion of the evening. No matter what he wants to do, Moore said she’s in.

“I’m always down for everything,” she said. “I can morph into anything for him. We do whatever he wants to do.”