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City to reconfigure parking

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@h-ponline.com

The Board of Public Works and Safety reviewed revisions for parking lot limits and permits on Monday, in preparation of the construction of a new police station and UB Block residential parking.

Once the construction of the police station is underway, the city parking lot on Cherry Street will no longer be available for city permit use. Due to this, the City has reviewed other lots downtown that could be used for permit parking and made a few shifts.

Christi McElhaney explained that they plan to move those who have parking permits in the Cherry Street lot, to permit parking in the long lot between The Berg Ale Haus and Brick House Grill.

Additionally, the LaFountaine Center residents who have permit parking in the lot on Cherry Street will be able to park at the center. Currently, there are only five spots at the location of the center for residents to use on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the spots are filled, the other residents must park in the lot at Cherry Street.

However, McElhaney said once the revision takes place, all of the spots at the center will become permit parking, for a total of 12 spots for the 8-12 people living at the center.

In addition to the Cherry Street parking revisions, the parking lot next to the used Smith’s Furniture on Franklin Street will house parking for residents who will be living at the UB Block lofts.

As of now the only permit parking in that lot is the very back row on the east side of the lot. However, McElhaney said they plan to make the two rows in the middle permit parking as well, which will total 36 permit spots.

Even still, only 25 spots will be available for UB residents when the building will begin to house in April, since some people are already renting spots in that lot until May of 2019.

This resolution will become effective as of January 1, 2019.

In other news, Police Chief Chad Hacker explained to the board that there have been complaints about trucks going down State Street and turning onto Brawley Street.

Hacker explained that this is a problem because there is not an exit for them to get off of the street. The road essentially dead ends, causing trucks to try to cross the bridge and at some point get stuck.

Anthony Goodnight said he believes that this keeps occuring because they mean to turn onto Broadway Street so they see the “B” at the beginning of the street name and proceed to turn.

Hacker suggested posting a 90 day “No Trucks” sign to see if it takes care of some of the problem. The board approved the request.

In addition, McElhaney, Mayor Brooks Fetters and board member/Pathfinder Strategic Development Director Kasey Davis discussed a special event application for the upcoming 14th annual Turkey Trot taking place on the morning of Thanksgiving, November 22 beginning at 8:00 a.m.

The board proceeded to approve the application.

Christmas in the City, taking place on November 24 and put together by the Downtown Business Association, the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Huntington, was also approved by the board.

Lastly, Pam Burris spoke on next year’s third annual Chalk Walk, which will take place on September 21, 2019. Burris asked for permission to use the courthouse parking lot and close off sections of Franklin, Warren and Jefferson streets adjacent to the courthouse to provide space for the event.

The board also approved of the Chalk Walk’s event application.

The next Board of Public Works and Safety meeting is scheduled for November 19.