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Crossroads Cafe opens downtown

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TALK: Left to right, Manager Gladys Vazquez speaks with co-ownerGraciela Escobar.
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EAT: Customers enjoy a meal at Crossroads during lunch time on Wednesday afternoon.

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@h-ponline.com

A new restaurant opened its doors early this month after more than eight years in the making, with a goal of serving the community upscale food and a family atmosphere.

It was a long process, but one Jhony and Graciela Escobar stuck with after purchasing the building for Crossroads Cafe and Restaurant, at the corner of Jefferson and Market streets, more than eight years ago. Now, the restaurant had its long-awaited opening on September 7 and Manager Gladys Vazquez said business has been consistent and strong.

“It’s been out the roof,” Vazquez said. “We’ve been getting full. We had to close from Monday until today (Wednesday) to reopen. We were fully full all weekend, so it’s been pretty good. We’ve been getting a lot of new faces in and a lot of same ones, too.”

The Escobars, Indianapolis residents, own a construction company and Graciela said they love to invest in companies or make it their own and that’s just what they thought when they found the building for Crossroads.

Vazquez explained that Jhony saw a lot of potential in Huntington and wanted to bring new things to the city and to breathe life into the building they purchased.

“Honestly he saw a lot of potential for the city. He wanted to bring a lot of new things in here,” Vazquez said. “It’s kind of an older city that we want to give culture to, revive the building … We just kind of want to make it live again.”

Graciela explained the goal of the restaurant is to provide a place where people can feel comfortable to go sit and chat. She said she knows Huntington is a smaller city so everyone in the community is close. She said she wants to be a part of that and bring new things to the community.

“We wanted it to be family oriented, everybody to be close, regular customers coming in, knowing faces, building that bond and getting to know people out here,” Vazquez said.

As far as the menu goes, Vazquez said its all-American food, including steaks, seafood, pastas, salads, soups, sandwiches and even gourmet coffee and desserts.

Manager Enoc Castro said they wanted to be able to bring a restaurant to Huntington people could go to for upscale, special dinners.

“We tried to bring a new concept of food around here downtown,” he said. “We try to bring a steakhouse and special dinners. Looking around here there aren’t very many restaurants that are our concept of a steakhouse – it’s an upscale restaurant.”

Vazquez said the restaurant is open Monday-Sunday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.