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Andrews discusses possible burn ordinance

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@h-ponline.com

The Andrews Town Council continued the discussion on issues with the town’s burn pile on Monday evening, discussing the possible need for an ordinance to be put in place.

At a previous meeting, it was brought to the council’s attention that people are bringing items to the brush pile on Terrel Street that are not permissible to burn, such as stained wood, painted wood and roofing materials. There has been difficulty monitoring the pile and enforcing regulations, so the council discussed the possibility of putting up a sign at the site and creating an ordinance.

Council President Bill Johnson said an ordinance would give the marshal and other town officials something to stand behind if they need to confront someone who is illegally dumping.

Town Clerk Laura Dillon informed the council that they have created a rough draft of an ordinance, but they are running into bigger issues than just the burn pile, mainly the fact that they had also planned on further developing the area into a park.

“There’s more to this ordinance than just that brush pile,” she said. “Because if we’re going to develop that into some kind of park, then we feel like our park ordinance needs updated as well.”

Dillon went on to add if they put up a sign, it’s hard to regulate what time people can bring items to burn because of what time people get off of work, plus people can bypass the gate and go around it anyway.

She said the council will be able to review the rough draft of the ordinance this week so they are able to start giving suggestions. As a part of developing the park in the area, she also brought up the fact that they want to put disc golf in the area.

“If we decide to put that disc golf down there, the development down there is just not the brush pile. That brush pile could be a liability if we make that into a park as well,” Dillon said.

With that said, Johnson suggested they could look into relocating the brush pile as well.

In other news, council member John Harshbarger reminded the council they had received an email from Stantec on what they want to do next in the excavation project near California Street. The email asked the council for permission to camera the sewer line on Main Street from California Street to the railroad tracks. Harshbarger said he believes the reasoning is to see what condition the sewer line is in to see if they would be able to slip line it, since that is what was originally discussed.

“I believe we should give them permission to do it. It’s definitely in our benefit to find out what condition it’s in. Anything they slip line is just a plus for us,” Harshbarger said.

The council decided to tell Stantec they can move forward with the process as long as they let the council know ahead of time when they will proceed, since it would close down one lane of 105. Additionally, Johnson wanted to request they receive access to the video so they are aware of the condition of the sewer line as well.

During the routine department reports, the council noted that Utility Superintendent Colin Bullock was unable to be at the meeting due to a power outage at the wastewater plant.

Harshbarger explained that the generator did not switch over and come on when the power went out due to batteries being dead and the charger not being properly calibrated, since everything is automated. He said when he was there before the meeting the power had come back on but the automated system was still down.

Lastly, Dillon informed the council that they will hold a public hearing for the 2019 budget at the next meeting on September 24, and will adopt the budget at the first meeting in October.